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Comfort Range

Economic, with all the essential solutions it’s versatile and has multidisciplinary compact spaces.


The Comfort range features the widest range of Clickhouse models and is the most economical one, with models developed for the most dynamic families. Children grow quickly - a large dining room with everyone at the table, the office where you work and some extra space for storage. Find all this and more in our versatile, bright and ample spaces. Do not worry if your family grows, your house will grow with it.

Selection Range

Room for everyone, comfortable and with the privacy you’ve always wanted, with a house both spacious and bright.


The Selection range is focused on privacy. Are you a light sleeper? Then you can sleep undisturbed in a bedroom where you won’t be bothered by the noises of the living room. You’ll have all the privacy and comfort in the intimate spaces that keep the bedrooms away from the common spaces, whilst integrating perfectly with the hallway. Ample spaces and an excellent natural illumination are just a few of the perfect ingredients that will fill your home full of joy. Can you picture yourself living like this? Pick your model right away.

Elegant Range

This range will satisfy your most exquisite needs, without leaving anything behind. Wide spaces with lots of sunlight.


With Elegant, we aim to build a house with the highest standards of layout design, without compromising the usable area. The L shape of all these models places the bedroom area perpendicular to the living room and common spaces. In this way, we separate the bedrooms from the common spaces with a hallway, allowing the bedrooms to absorb as much sunlight as possible, as well as merging them with nature outside. Concentrate in silence in your office or meet your family in a long and dynamic living room, that merges itself with the kitchen. The perfect balance for your day-to-day life.

The process to build the perfect home shouldn’t be complicated, it should take as little time as possible and be inexpensive.

Our team, which is highly specialized in researching and developing modular architecture, has been creating and optimizing construction solutions for years so that we can offer you a vast range of modular habitational models.

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Discover your dream house for much less than you imagine.

After getting to know us, you'll find everything you've ever wanted for your home: excellent low cost building quality. Choose the right model for your family.

Don't wait an eternity, fast to build, eco friendly and modular models.

Nevermind the usual problems with financing the project, validating it or with execution times. We build in days, with no waste and with an excellent energy efficiency. If your family grows, your home grows with it.

Already have a piece of land? Build the right model for it and tweak it to your style.

We have compact models for smaller areas, or wider ones for bigger families. Pool, yard or garage, everything's possible in order to reflect your personal taste. Browse our available lands and get inspired.

The perfect solution is yours, our commitment is to guarantee the excellency in the results.

Our clients are our most prized possessions and we only care about pleasing them, that's why we guarantee a post sales assistance team. Find out what our clients have to say and be part of a happy family.

Find out what quality is made of.

We’re guided by the objective of developing the most durable housing units, making use of the highest standards in construction, with a well above average acoustic and heat insulation, attaining an A+ energy efficiency certificate. If you choose to install solar panels, your house becomes even more sustainable and will, of course, generate a smaller ecological footprint.

They're good for you, for your wallet and for the environment.

Interior Wall

Pladur GyptecBA 13mm Plaster, with Dyrup paint finish

Structural Wall

Compressed Polyurethane Thermal Insulation Metal Panel, 85mm

Fixing Primer

Weber Prim AD adhesion and waterproofing primer

Acoustic/Thermal Insulation

Option A:
High density expanded polystyrene (EPS), 40mm

Option B:
Isover Clima39 Thermo-insulating glass wool, 40mm

Option C:
Compressed cork, 40mm

Reinforced Coating

Weber glue reinforced with fiber netting, ≈8mm

Exterior Paint Coat

Weber acrilic paint, sanded finish

We work with several market segments.

Portuguese, french, angolan, mexican, spanish, mozambican, são tomé and príncipe, among others.

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Frequently asked questions.

We always explain everything to the last detail, so we can be as clear as possible on how are houses are built.

If you have any other questions besides the ones on the following list, please contact us.


What materials are used in this construction typology?

The houses designed by our company consist of a high resistance Isothermal panel built with a Lacquered sheet of 0.5mm and expanded Polyurethane at 40 kg/m3, with a minimum thickness of 85mm. These factors give the houses an excellent thermal performance. For the roof we adopted an implementation of a lacquered 0.5mm sandwich plate with a minimum cross-section of 85mm thickness, in order to minimize thermal and acoustic breakages, guaranteeing maximum comfort to the inhabitants, as well as admitting slopes of 0% in the coverage, without interfering with their stability.


Home acquisition possibilities?

As a Kit (No Assembly)

This modality includes all housing structures, as well as plumbing, switchboard and electrical components, waste water sewers (Pre Installed in the Panels), Window Frames with Thermal cut and Double glazing, and Doors and trimmings.

With Assembly

This solution incorporates the parameters of the previous one, but in this modality, the client can request a follow-up with 1 Technician in order to proceed with the house assembly, or to award the assembly to Clickhouse's technical team, thus guaranteeing it's well executed, as well as the Effects of Warranty required by Law (5 years).

With Assembly and Finishes

This modality includes all previous procedures, as well as the placement of certain finishes, such as; type AC4 Floating floor, fully equipped Sanitary installations (complete toilet), Kitchens equipped with an Extractor, Oven and Ceramic hob (With possibility and choice of models).


You can also get some extras in order to guarantee maximum comfort and uniqueness in your dwelling. For this purpose, additional extras may be added to the previous proposals, such as, provisions with or without the application of plasterboard on the interior walls as well as the application of ceramics to the walls to be defined (eg WC and Kitchen), Application of ceramics on exterior facades or the coating with the "Capoto" system, later painted in color, may also be requested an application of solar protection systems (solar electric breeze, electric blinds, interior blackout).


What are the resistance, durability and warranties of the houses?

Our houses have a 5 year warranty as required by Law (art. 1225, Civil Code). They're built with an Isothermal panel 40kg / m3 reinforced and structured, and have been able to ensure the minimum maintenance over the years since they are galvanized and have lacquered metal panels. As such, they allow the painting or application of numerous materials in the interior or exterior walls, (eg plasterboard, ceramics, painting, or even application of the "Capoto" system for more adverse climates, among others). The durability of our homes is ensured as well as their resistance to the weather, since this system is already implemented in large industries, with a much lower quality and density, this system was improved by Clickhouse for use in housing complexes, thus guaranteing the durability and its response to the market's high demands.


Is it possible to build houses with 2 or more floors?

Our building techniques allow for two floor constructions, provided that its structure is made in collaboration with other constructive systems (traditional construction, cooperative structure in concrete and steel). For example; Basement built in traditional masonry with light slabs allows fpr the implementation of a Clickhouse unit, ensuring greater building speeds as well as excellent thermal behavior that'll run your dream house with greater speed and comfort.


Do these houses allow for construction on any kind of terrain?

Our homes allow us to fulfill all the requirements for permanent constructions on the Portuguese market. We can build removable structures and we advise clients to request for information at the Municipal Council for the possibility of construction on the chosen land. For this purpose, Clickhouse has a team of qualified technicians who can assist and clarify any doubts concerning the conditions of the land and the legislation in force, to ensure that your idea is executed without any problems, and for a low price, you may have your home properly licensed, in any part of the country, and for any type of uses.

Documents Required for Licensing
  • Georeferenced Topographic Survey (Digital Format, DWG);
  • Conditioning Plants including RAN and REN; (to be obtained at the Territorial Management Department of the Municipal Council);
  • Certificate of Certified Content with Informational Value (Civil Registry Office);
  • Terrain photos;
  • A copy of the Landlord's Citizen's Card;


Scope of action / trips needed to build the houses?

Clickhouse operates throughout the national market, and in the most varied international markets such as; France, Angola, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, Mexico, etc. We may also expand the business or establish new partnerships on other countries. Clickhouse guarantees technical assistance and travel fees for the construction of our homes anywhere in the world, but this must be requested by the customer when making the purchase.


How long does the production and delivery of the house take?

Our houses have a very fast production and execution time, it will be produced within 2 to 3 weeks and ready to be assembled on site after the foundation is set (concrete slab or metallic structure), the house can be delivered to the customer with the walls, glazed sills and roof mounted, within 2 working days, and if the client chooses to perform finishes such as; plasterboards, ceramics, as well as indoor or outdoor flooring, the process may add a period of 2 to 4 weeks to perform these tasks.


What can you choose to personalize your house?

Our houses allow for the adaptation of projects destined to other constructive methods or other space solutions, so they must have a specific technical monitoring to guarantee maximum efficiency and quality. Regarding the adopted materials, in our facilities you can have contact with a wide range of materials for a correct choice of the interior / exterior walls, as well as the interior and exterior floors.


Can I start with a t1 typology and later have a t2 or t3 etc...?

Yes. The Clickhouse's typologies are all the result of a systematic study to guarantee their versatility and adaptation to the demands of everyday life. In this way, you can initially opt for a smaller typology that meets the demands of the present moment and later, when the family grows, you can increase to any other typology, without interfering with the structure and without wastage, because the panels are reusable, which allows to increase or decrease blocks, to move or even change them.


What if I start building without technical accompanying and can't finish it?

In the case of the acquisition of a KIT Housing (WITHOUT ASSEMBLY), and in the course of construction, the client is not able to complete it, he may request a technical follow-up (with a price to be agreed upon) and a technician will be available as soon as possible in order to be able to continue and successfully complete the construction.


Clickhouse and renewable energies?

All houses built within the portuguese market have the mandatory use of renewable energy systems for water heating, these being made by solar panels / Bio mass systems, heat pumps, among other systems for water heating.


Where to find Clickhouse and its Showroom?

Clickhouse is located at Vagos Industrial Zone, Lot 6 - Vagos, and has a model house available for everyone to visit, where you can have direct contact with the construction method and with the materials used for floor coverings, walls, etc.


How to get financing?

In order to obtain housing credit, the client must have a plot of land for the implementation of the same, within the Urban perimeter of the PDM in Urban zone, in order to obtain the proper licensing from the competent authorities. You must therefore proceed as follows to obtain it:

Customer Must Provide The Following Elements
  • IRS - IRS Settlement Note;
  • Receipt for the last 3 paychecks;
  • A statement verifying customer's employment contract from the employer;


Do modular houses pay tax?

All permanent buildings pay municipal property tax, depending on the locality, deployment, habitable area, etc., the tax will be proportional and in accordance with the stipulated criteria for its payment.


How to make budget orders?

To request a quote you must contact our services through our website:, fb, or via telephone (+ 351-234783526). You must always indicate the range and typology you want, and the type of supply that best fits your needs, in case you want to carry out a project adaptation you must communicate with our technical team so that it can be analyzed and properly executed.


Make custom budget orders?

Our custom budget orders must be carried out while accompaniment by our technicians, this service has a cost of € 400 + VAT for the client, in order to have a timely and personalized service, ensuring the correct handling of the material with the required care. It should be noted that this amount will be deducted from the invoice, once the customer formalizes the contract.


Business proposals?

Business proposals must have all elements necessary for its proper execution, if you intend to execute a proposal to commercialize the Products on a National or International level, you should contact our Services at, fb, or telephone contacts.